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  • Roe deer, Dorset
    Roe deer, Dorset
  • Morfa Harlech
    Morfa Harlech
  • Female great crested newt
    Female great crested newt
  • Christchurch Harbour
    Christchurch Harbour
  • Large skipper
    Large skipper
  • Sundew and lichen
    Sundew and lichen
  • Comma
  • Peak District
    Peak District
  • Male green lizard
    Male green lizard
  • Neonate sand lizard
    Neonate sand lizard
  • Jenkins' spire shells
    Jenkins' spire shells
  • Male slow-worm
    Male slow-worm
  • Nestling field voles
    Nestling field voles
  • Red squirrel, Brownsea
    Red squirrel, Brownsea
  • Lapidary snail
    Lapidary snail
  • Field scabious
    Field scabious
  • Natterjack toad
    Natterjack toad

In a nutshell

CGO Ecology is an ecological consultancy providing expert advice, species and habitat surveys, ecology reports for planning applications, development mitigation, conservation and research - delivered as promised, on time, within budget.

Our offices are in Dorset, Nottinghamshire and South Wales, but we operate all over the UK, Ireland, and globally. If you need an ecology report for planning, look no further. Follow these links to read more about our consultancy services in wildlife and habitat surveys, planning and conservation assistance, mitigation and advice.

Our expertise spans a wide range of ecological disciplines, with many years of experience and a diverse skill-set. We provide expert advice for the non-expert, whether it's helping you with development planning, land management, mitigation work, research or policy development.

We are fully licensed and insured across Britain, first-aid-trained, holders of PTS Sentinel cards, and we have a 100% track record in obtaining EPS mitigation licences. Our offices are in Dorset, Nottinghamshire and Mid-Glamorgan.

Our reputation relies upon honest, pragmatic advice, and delivery of reliable and timely services to our clients. We help you meet your environmental obligations, with expert advice for non-expert ears.

We get the job done to an excellent standard, in the timescale we predicted, at the price we quoted. We are ISO 14001-compliant, with a firm environmental and social responsibility.


"We are very pleased with the firm yet pragmatic approach that Chris takes towards the reptile issues we push in his direction from time to time. The County Council needs to save money in delivering its public services, and Chris has really embraced this by finding ways to minimise cost to the client while delivering a better environment for reptiles at the same time. He is widely respected in his profession, and it is obvious to see why when you work with him."

Dr Phil Sterling, Coast & Countryside Service Manager, Dorset County Council

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CGO Ecology Limited is a private company limited by shares, registered in England and Wales (company number 06532052). 

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