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Full range of ecological services

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 09:07

CGO Ecology Ltd was set up in March 2008, and has since developed into an ecological consultancy offering a full suite of taxonomic expertise, whether in a development-mitigation context, or for conservation and status-assessment purposes.

Using our strong team of staff and associates, we can supply a full range of ecological services, from single-species surveys, to production of Ecology chapters for EIS, ES or NIS. Our knowledge and experience dealing with statutory bodies, conservation law and policy covers the whole of the British Isles: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Birds - We have skilled and experienced surveyors in our team of staff and associates, working on  windfarms and other largescale projects, conducting complex CRM and assisting clients through the planning process.

Bats, mammals - Our team are skilled ecologists, with wide experience in licensed survey and mitigation, for large and small projects. Current projects include bat surveys for windfarms, a science park, and various private clients; and a large survey for hazel dormouse in relation to a housing development. Our geographical bases in Dorset and Nottiinghamshire cover the South and North respectively.

Reptiles - With our main base in Dorset, reptile work is one of our mainstays, particularly EPS sand lizards and smooth snakes, which often require licensed mitigation. Our current projects involve wind and solar farms, minerals extraction, roads, railways, forestry, and conservation monitoring.

GCN, amphibians - We have longstanding expertise in GCN survey, mitigation, project management and policy development. As well as recent projects assisting Natural England and Defra in delivering national eDNA surveys, our Director & Principal Ecologist represents CIEEM on Defra's GCN Task Force Planning Workstream.

Invertebrates - We have a wide range of invertebrate expertise in-house and through our network of associates, covering most insect groups, arachnids, molluscs, in freshwater, terrestrial and marine realms. Current projects include impact-assessment of leisure developments and coastal defences, Appropriate Assessment, SSSI condition assessment, and management planning.

Habitats, plants - Our staff and associates carry out Phase 1 habitat and NVC surveys, and have a wide range of botanical expertise. Clients from across the UK seek our services for Phase 1 preliminary ecological appraisal, BREEAM, invasive species advice, and habitat restoration services. We have particular expertise in lowland heathland and coastal dunes.


"We applied to build a barn to be sited on an arable field.  The council asked for a biodiversity appraisal, and placed a short deadline for receipt. We engaged Dr Chris Gleed-Owen who made a site visit within days, and delivered a fully researched report with plans, species list and recommendation a few days later, within the required timescale.  We have therefore avoided the need for extensions and delays.  Thank you Chris.

Susan Ross, Frankham Farm, Ryme Intrinseca


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CGO Ecology Limited is a private company limited by shares, registered in England and Wales (company number 06532052). 

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